project management & planning


Project Management and Planning is an integral part of our services. We are able to bring our experience in running projects across the world to ensure that your project is run to the very highest standards from the initial planning stage through to the survey's completion.


We will assist our client and their subcontractors in the process of...


  • Operational Risk Assessment
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Operational and Security Plan preparation
  • HSE and Technical Audit
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Project documentation (Project Plan, HSE Plan and Acquisition Plan)
  • Bridging documentation between Client and Seismic contractor
  • Ongoing Acquisition Project Management


project management and planning


Peak Seismic Solutions will provide assistance to the Client utilizing best practices and guidelines to make Project Management effective and as communicative to the teams as possible. Tools creating Gantt charts, flows and visualization of tasks and costs is our expertise and key to success. Peak Seismic Solutions will create, monitor and controls the "three-legged stool" of project management: scope, schedule and budget. It is Peak Seismic Solutions responsibility to define the boundaries of the project and keep the project scope within those boundaries. Similarly, the project manager ensures that the project comes in on schedule and within budget.


Peak Seismic Solutions' true job is twofold...


The first task is to ensure that the project is technically sound. That requires knowledge of tools, software, metrics and charts that can evaluate and control the project.


The second task, though, requires more finesse. Peak Seismic Solutions must be able to motivate Contractor team to work efficiently and effectively.